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Running Towards My Fitness Goals

Under Armour Long Sleeve Top

I've always loved running. So when I started seeing a personal trainer/ fitness instructor and he insisted we get 4 days of cardio in addition to the 2 days we train with him, I knew exactly what to do. Run.

Stretching before a run

Getting ready for a Sunday Afternoon Run

As a former tennis player, my knees aren't what they used to be so I have to be careful not to over do it. Stretching before and after a run goes a long way. Tobi hates it when I run more than twice in one week since she's seen first hand the toll this can take on my knees. So I try to mix in some spin classes and other forms of cardio here and there to change things up.

Running in the gym can be quite nice especially when I have my Beats headphones in and lock in to the perfect playlist. It is also very convenient for me since I travel for work and can always count on my hotels having a fitness center I can use. However, my favorite place to run is outside.

I remember when I used to work in Dallas, Texas, I would go running on the trail by the lake in front of my hotel. Now in Charlotte, you can catch me running every now and then in Freedom park, and other popular runner routes.

Stretching after a run

As a runner, the most important things to me is having the right athletic wear such as: a great pair of athletic shoes, sweat wicking top, and comfortable performance shorts.

Following a recommendation from my trainer, I recently started tracking my food and exercise with the MyFitnessPal app. He has me on a calorie deficit plan so this app works well to keep me in check especially when I am on the road (that corporate card can get me a little carried away sometimes).

Another great benefit of the app is that it's owned by Under Armour and they sometimes reward consistent users with discounts on the Under Armour site. So recently, I was able to get Tobi and I a few items such as new running shoes, tops, and shorts.

Once in a while, when I am in the neighborhood, I stop by the Under Armour outlet store to pick up a few bits and bobs at discounted prices. This way I am able to work out several times a week without fear of running out of clean athletic wear.

Another great place to find work out clothes, socks, water bottles, gloves, and more is TJ Maxx. You'll be surprised what you can grab on the smallest of budgets.

Taking in the view of the lake