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A Romantic Date Night in Fort Mill at NAPA at Kingsley

Photo Credit: @tristinnicolephotography

With busy schedules like ours, I always get super giddy when Brandon surprises me with a date night. So imagine my surprise and excitement when Brandon told me we had dinner reservations at the new restaurant in Kingsley, NAPA.

This new restaurant has been the talk of town for a few weeks now. Many of my coworkers have either been, or have plans to dine there and I was beginning to feel like I was seriously missing out.

Although our reservations was at 7:45pm, I managed to make us late... as usual. Brandon was so worried our reservations would be cancelled.

When we rushed into the restaurant a little before 8pm, the hostess opened the door to let us in and gave us such a lovely welcome. She reassured us our reservations were safe and had her fellow hostess walked us to or table which was located in a lovely room towards the back of the restaurant.

The restaurant was very busy as is to be expected on a beautiful Friday evening. We had guessed as much since the Valet guys had their hands full. We had seen a few of them sprinting to retrieve cars for guests.

Valet is complimentary but I'd recommend you bless them with a good tip if you ever use their services. Those gentlemen work very hard!

We felt like VIPs when we were escorted into a private dining room and then to a table by the window in the middle of the room. Our room was very well designed and decorated, and could easily be converted into an elegant space for a private party or a meeting room since it was equipped with a full size television screen (hidden behind barn doors that even Joanna Gaines would be proud of) and there was a nifty touch remote control panel stealthily placed in the stone wall by the entrance of the room.

Photo Credit: @tristinnicolephotography

The large windows that spanned the wall beside us completed the romantic atmosphere by allowing us a clear view of the sunset.

Brandon started out with a glass of wine, while I opted for a cold cup of water which was poured into the loveliest copper cup. While we settled in with our drinks, I couldn't help but think: I've never been to Napa Valley but I imagine this is what it must feel like to watch the sun set with a nice glass of wine, great company and delicious food.

For our starter, we shared the scratch-made artisan bread baked fresh daily, [with] whipped butter.

It was absolutely delicious. I have never slathered so much butter on bread before. Impending acne caused by my sensitivity to oil be damned.

For our main course, I had the grilled pork chops grilled carolina peach farrotto, sautéed haricot verts, pickled onions, honey dijon vinaigrette

Brandon had the grilled wild salmon sautéed summer squash, bok choy, heirloom tomatoes, trout roe, saffron vin blanc

For dessert, we both had cheesecake. Well, I had ordered the sorbet, but the more I thought about it (and after looking around the room to see what others were having, and hearing Brandon tell me I would only be allowed one bite of his dessert), I decided to change my order to a cheesecake as well.

So, that's how we ended up with matching his and hers cheesecake for dessert.

Overall, dinner at NAPA was wonderful. There was a festive yet relaxing and romantic air around the room. Brandon and I felt like we were on holiday somewhere fabulous and enjoying the best date night ever.

I think all the guests were enjoying that feeling you get from being a part of something new and lovely in your own backyard. At some point during the evening we could hear lots of laughter and a group of young women singing happy birthday to their friend, the lady with the cute birthday helium balloons. It felt like NAPA had breathed new life into the Fort Mill community giving us something to be proud of.

Our server was a young man who's first words to us, as he filled our cups of water, were "you're right, she is beautiful". Talk about a great opener. He was very kind, funny, patient with my indecision and numerous questions about each menu item - I kept asking him which was his favorite - and all round great guy.

The menu items were also reasonably priced. Both entrees were $26 and our total came to just about $95. Not bad for a three course dinner for two.

We can't wait to return to NAPA for brunch with a view of the waterfall at the Kingsley lake.