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As soon as my feet could fit into my aunty’s high heels (at the age of 9. Yes, I have big feet.), I’ve been in love with high heeled shoes. Well, shoes in general.

I was that girl who wore heels, even if they were just a pair of wedges or wedge sneakers, to all her college classes. I had no social life and since I had no fancy place to go, I decided not to waste perfectly fashionable shoes by leaving them in the closet to gather dust. So I would just dress up to attend all my lectures or go to my campus club meetings and jobs. Late more often than not, but always fashionably so.

Looking back, I must say, that was a crazy thing to do since I didn’t have a car and walked or rode my beautiful cruiser bicycle (with its adorable yet functional basket) everywhere. I was definitely sacrificing my ankles for the love of fashion.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 25

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with the famous red bottom shoes. That is why when I started shopping for my dream wedding shoes, I gravitated to a pair of Christian Louboutin white Follies Strass Pigalle pumps. You can watch my unboxing/review here.

So, it's no surprise that a year later, when I was trying to find the perfect One Year Wedding Anniversary present from me to me, I gravitated towards another pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I'm considering making this a yearly tradition. Let's see how my 2019 budgeting goes.

The Buy

After a full day of research and cyber stalking my fashion inspiration Stella (Jadore Fashion), I fell in love with a pair of the classic So Kate pumps in nude. These shoes are patent leather, point toe, leather lined with a padded insole, made in Italy and a whopping 4.75" (120mm) high. Oh, and they have the signature red leather sole.

I bought them on Tradesy.com and they actually arrived early. Full disclosure: I only saved $5 compared to the Christian Louboutin website but because Tradesy partners with Affirm, I was able to check out now and split up my payments so as not to ruin my monthly budget allowance.

My Unboxing was a bit of a fail. You can watch the epic train wreck here. But somehow, God made a way and things worked out in the end.


Spoiler alert! I had to send the first pair back because they were too small; however, Tradesy has a great customer service department and they helped me do the swap. I went up half a size.

For anyone looking to buy these same shoes, I'd recommend stopping by the mall and trying them on in person first.

Check out my second unboxing of these shoes where I documented my sizing dilemma, a trip to the mall to try some on in person, and even included some mod shots of me wearing them for the first time (and trying not to fall on my face).

Lesson Learned: Break them in first

What my husband managed to capture in these pictures is me smiling through the pain since this was my very first time wearing these shoes (apart from the quick try on when they arrived). I hadn't made any effort to break them in because my wedding shoes (and only experience with the Christian Louboutin world) had not needed any breaking in.

Well, BAD idea! My feet were so so sore. I could barely stand after the first 2 minutes. To make matters worse, we were on UNC Charlotte's campus and I became self conscious because I was so sure I was about to end up in some viral video titled "girl falls for no apparent reason and can't get back up". Now I see why many ladies mentioned having their heels reduced for the sake of comfort. In that moment, I was very tempted to make the call.

In Conclusion

I think these shoes are going to be worn till they are in shambles, and even then, the kind lady at Neiman Marcus gave me the business card of an amazing leather care company here in North Carolina that will keep resuscitating them until the end of time.

If you're interested, the company is called Santa Leather Care.

Oh! I plan to get my money's worth out of these babies.

Your Turn

Do you also find silly things to celebrate just so you have an excuse to bless yourself with something delicious? Or do you have a pair of So Kates and can offer your girl some tips on how to break them in before she loses an ankle? Let me know in the comments below.

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