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My Ankarage Ankara Headwrap

What I'm Wearing:

Ankarage Ankara Headwrap: Here

Top: Here (Sold Out), Similar Here

Skirt: Here (Sold Out), Similar Here

Wrist Watch: Here (Use Code: TOBI for 10% Off)

Earrings: Here

Sunglasses: Here

Shoes: Here

I don’t know what it is about headwraps - it could be the fact that most of us tend to reach for them when we are having bad hair days- but whatever it is, whenever I put one on, I can’t help but hold my head up high/ sit up straight and enjoy the feeling of pride that washes over me. Pride in myself, my country, and my cultural heritage. I just feel present, self-aware, and frankly, regal.​

Recently, a dear friend of mine launched her fashion website selling, all sorts of Ankara fashion items such as dresses, tops, pants, jumpsuits, shorts, braided wigs, headwraps, handbags, and other beautiful fashion pieces. So, in true Tobi fashion, I just had to give the products a try. I started with a few of her Ankara heard wraps.

When my headwraps arrived, I was blown away by the pristine packaging of the items. In person, the Ankara prints were even more radiant than they had looked online. The colors were vibrant and upon unwrapping the items, the headwraps turn out to be the perfect amount of fabric and texture for all the headwrap styles I wanted to try out.

While on vacation in Orlando, Florida, I got to try on one of my Ankarage headwraps (tutorial coming soon) and I absolutely loved it. Fun fact, I was too scared to wear it to Disney World for fear that it would blow off my head on a roller coaster and wind up God knows where. Afterall, I am absolutely clumsy.

I'm wearing the Candace African Print Headwrap

You can Grab one for yourself or a friend here: Ankarage.com and Amazon.com (don’t forget to leave a review).

Your Turn

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