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New York & Company Closet: 3 Looks, 1 Low Monthly Price, Unlimited Styles

Little known fact about me, for a little while after I graduated from college, I actually worked at New York and Company in Valley Streams New York. It was my first paid job and I loved my boss and enjoyed my time there. I had no retail experience yet they took a chance on me and patiently trained me. So, thanks to the fond memories I have of my time there, NY&C will always hold a special place in my heart.

Recently, I stumbled upon a NY&C Closet ad on Instagram and to my delight it led to the discovered a monthly subscription/rental service for women’s clothing.

Anyone who has ever shopped at NY&C and is familiar with their price points knows that the idea of getting 3 new-in items for $49.95 is a steal. Well, that’s the monthly price that gives you access to unlimited styles and looks.

I decided to give this service a try and I am now on my fourth box and so far, I am loving this concept.

How it works

The process was very simple. I went to the NY&Company Closet website, picked the $49.95 package, created an account and started adding items to my closet.

Once I had a few items in my closet, I got an email notifying me that my first box was on its way, pictures, and links to my shipped items. I got this email on a Wednesday and by Friday, I got back home from work to find a white box waiting for me by the door. Talk about express delivery!

Once you wear the items, you can return to your NY&Company Closet "At Home" section, return the items you don't want, and buy the ones you want at a very heavy discount. Then all you have to do is ship back the items you don't want (return label and package are provided) and wait for your next box to arrive with items from your "On The Rack" section.

What do I think?

I think this is a great service for girls that are always on the go and can't find time to stop by the mall and try clothes on. It is a great way to stay current with seasonal trends without actually investing in a fad that might not be here next season.

My Likes

The website gives me the opportunity to mark my “priority” items so that these items can be sent to me as soon as they are available. It also gives me the chance to edit my wardrobe and put items "On Hold" especially if they are not in season (eg Winter coats), that way I can keep track of styles I want to revisit later and my stylist can make better choices based on what is on my virtual rack.

I also like that I can add clothes to my closet based on what size I'll need in a particular style/outfit and how I want it to fit. I also like that I don't have to wash the clothes myself since part of the service fees cover dry cleaning. I'm sure I would ruin some delicate pieces if they left me to do the washing.

I like that the charge is the same amount every month and it hits my account the same day each month so that I can factor it into my budget and am not blindsided with an unexpected charge.


I find that if I don't jump on the new arrivals fast enough, they run out of my size pretty quickly so I have no choice but to pick a size I know I can't possibly fit and place the item on hold, then I check back periodically to see if they restocked the item. Unfortunately, once some styles run out in my size, they don't usually restock the items. They are just gone for good. So it's first come first serve.

I also hate that once I send an item back, that's it! Unless it is available at the store or on the NY&C website, I can't change my mind and buy it back. I can put it back in my closet but who know's when I'll get it since a stylist picks what I get in each box. My solution to this is to think long and hard before shipping things back. Be absolutely sure you won't have any regrets or buyer's remorse.


I think the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. I think $45 is a small price to pay for access to such beautiful designs and the convenience of home try on. I'm definitely going to keep using this service for now 'cause as they say, "If it ain't broke, why fix it?"

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Soft Soft Shirt - Tie-Front Sleeveless Blouse in Spiced Curry

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Your Turn

Tell me what you think. Does this sound like a service you would use? Also, is there any service you'd like me to try next? Let me know! Leave a comment below.

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