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Starting our YouTube channel: Why we did it

A little over a year ago, when Brandon and I had only been dating for a couple of months, I mentioned something about the YouTube channel I used to document my natural hair journey a few years prior - my locs to be precise- and he became very curious about the YouTube community. He had often heard me refer to several YouTubers as though we were actual real life friends and these ladies in Australia and the UK somehow knew I existed as well.

That was all it took to get him hooked. He suggested we start our own channel too. I hesitated a bit because I was afraid for us: "what if we broke up?" "what if we ran out of content?" "what if our friends, families, and coworkers found out (and laughed at us)?" "What if... what if... what if...?"

Brandon on the other hand was fearless and said we need to do it for ourselves and for fun. He also reminded me that I have the memory of a fish (though he said it in a much nicer way) so this way we can have a sort of video diary and years from now (he was really optimistic), we can come back and watch ourselves and relive our experiences.

I already had a camera, a tripod, and a mac (self taught iMovie editor) so I thought, "what the heck, let's do it!"

You can check out our channel here: https://youtube.com/c/brandonandtobi